What does it mean when a guy texts you but he never replies to you??

OK so me and this guy have been staring at each other for a few months now and making eye contact and stuff and we never talk to each other or anything and he is friends with my friend witch is a guy and he asked him if he likes me and he said nooo and and he is always making fun of me with him when they hang out my friend told me and...that does not make sense cause he always stares and makes eye contact with me every day and then he watches me talk to my friends and its just weird he has been doing this for months now and yesterday him and his friend were hanging out and he said ohh he does not like you anymore cause he knew I liked him and I don't anymore so my friend told him I dint like him anymore and then the next day later when they hanged out he said hey can I have (my name) number and my friend gave it to him and then he texted me and he said hey its (his name) and when I replied back my friend said that he said that she replied ahh I'm just going to ignore it... and not text back...soo what does all of this mean thanks?


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  • "he asked him if he likes me and he said nooo"

    That's the only thing you need to know right there.

    Girls may do that stupid thing, where they lie about liking someone (because god forbid I might get what I want, if people knew what I wanted)

    But guys don't.

    If he said he doesn't like you then he doesn't like you. And all the glances in the world won't change that, because guys do not do "subtle" or "signs". If we like a girl we talk to her and ask her out.


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