Alright...need some opinions.

So long story short, got burned very badly this weekend by a gal I liked. Not sure how I feel about her anymore after seeing that side of her...but I do still feel something for her. She acted like she didn't want to see me again...but I know her situation. She spends a lot of time by herself, and doesn't want to. She had to have felt something too during that time...the morning that same day was so pleasant...then everything changed that night. So, should I just be the one to go start talking again...or just accept she lost interest and move on?

Some more details: It's been 5 days, the other gal that was there I've run into at work daily since then, and she's just acting like none of it happened. She's the only one that I haven't seen since that night, and I know she's still just staying by herself as of late. Would've probably been a fun night if I just had the balls to suggest doing something ourselves, but seemed they already had that night planned. I just feel so bad for her being left alone like that.
...You know what, screw it. She's not going to give a crap about how shocking and hurtful she was that night. Pretty sure she's just going to expect coming out on top.


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  • Go with your gut. If you think she is still into you, she probably is. But, I don't think she is lying when she says she wants to be left alone. Maybe she will reconnect with you later on her own time when she feels more up to it.


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