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So I really like this guy. We have been friends for a while now. I recently let it be known that I like him with some very obvious hints. We start talking more on Facebook, Text, Etc. However he wasn’t asking me out. His friends say he is very very shy. We have great chemistry, and talk about everything. He is very busy, and we work completely different schedules. He works at nights, and I work during the day. So there isn’t always a lot of time when we are actually in sync.

I decided a couple of weeks ago to have a BBQ with all of our friends. He came over…was such a gentleman, cleaned up after everyone, cooked the steaks, helped me with things, stayed until everyone left. Then cuddled with me and stayed the night (nothing happened by the way). We were in our underwear, yet he didn’t try anything! He rubbed my back, held me all night. Yet no kiss, no trying to have sex, nothing. So the next week, we talked occasionally on Facebook or over text. He mentioned he wanted to come over again and cook for far less people this time. Took that to mean he wanted to cook for me. Then over the weekend he invited me out for a drink before he went to work. We text that night a while he was at work…and now nothing. Haven’t heard from him since. He has commented on a couple of things on Facebook generically, but other than that no contact at all. I don’t know if should give up on him or what. I guess he is shy…but if he doesn’t know by now that I like him, I don’t know what more I can do. I am not the type to chase, and from what I understand, men don’t want to be chased, they want to do the chasing. So what should I do? Continue to pursue/make the effort because he is shy? Or do you think he knows that I like him and isn’t doing anything so time to let it go?


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  • I would keep trying or next time just kiss him and see his reaction. I bet he likes you but is really shy. I am really shy when it comes to relationships also and I can tell you that by your facts that he likes you. It's just really hard to make a move when you are friends because there is the added risk of losing the friendship.


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