Why is he doing this?

My ex of 5 years has texted me randomly earlier this year, I have never text back to any of them. He then text me about a month ago saying 'Hey x' and I never wrote back. Something really awful happened then a week later and he came to me for comfort saying all things like 'Ive always loved you, I missed you. You are amazing, most beautiful person ever' he also said 'I need you, I need your love, hugs and kiss' I thought wtf and wanted to say something but I didn't. I gave him none of it back just saying that I was there for him and Ill always love him and care. Then a week later we were in the same pub and his girlfriend was there. I asked him would he come somewhere quiet so we could chat as normal but he wouldn't cause he said all he wanted to do was kiss me which he did after saying that.

My head is absolutely ****** here. he has texted me once 2 weeks later seeing how I was and that's it. I have text him twice now saying we need to talk but he is ignoring me... what should I do now? For me to fully move on from him I need closure and we need to speak no matter what. I do want to be back with him, I am scared though to let him know right now. He is ignoring me so that's added to my fear


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  • You need to ignore him and move on. Its hard it royally blows but its for the best. Stop contacting him. Let him come to you, and yes there is a chance he might now. But focus on yourself. Please, you deserve someone that will respond to your texts. It seems he might just be playing games.