Hey! Could use a little advise :) x

Myself and this guy were seeing each other for only a month, then I went away and I didn't see him for about 3 weeks, we were still in contact though, anyway, the other day I ended it really nicely, just saying since we hadn't seen each other in ages (almost the time I had known him for) it was getting silly, I went over to his house to say it, we were chatting about everything but the relationship really.. anyway there's no hard feelings between us at all, hug goodbye and everything. I really want to text him next week cos I'll be in his town to see my granny for a few days... is it bad to text him?


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  • not at all

    • if a girl did that to you would you think she really liked you still? I like him a little still, I don't want a relationship though...

    • Well it would be some mixed signals, but if you just explain to him that you want to be friends and nothing more... or if you explained that to him when you let him down I see no problem in it. just a couple of friends haning out

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  • No. Text him. Go out. Have a good time.

    I would just think that you want to spend some more time with me like friends. As if it was not serious enough for relationship, but it could be a good time.

  • Not at all you didn't fight and I'm sure he'll be happy to see u


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