Is this normal or is something wrong?

Up until, like 4 or 5 weeks things were going great with boyfriend. We've been together for like 6 months. We used to talk on the phone a lot, and he would text me everyday to see how things were going and such. Now, I feel like he isn't in contact with me that often. He'll go like two whole days without calling or texting me at all. I've mentioned that I don't like it to him before and he told me that he isn't a fan of phone and can't talk on it all the time and texting isn't personable. Why did he do these things in the past, but now he doesn't do it at all. Is this normal slow down of a relationship or should I be concerned?


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  • Yup, it's normal.

    In the beginning of any relationship, the feelings you have for your boyfriend/girlfriend are pretty intense. You text and talk on the phone pretty much everyday, even multiple times a day. You feel like flying in the air. You feel like you're the happiest person alive. You tend to ask a lot of questions to get to know that person and enjoy his/her company. You can't wait to go out together. You wear your best outfits and put on your most beautiful smelling perfume.

    All in all, you feel very happy and try to do your best to mke the other person happy as well. This is what people call the "Honeymoon phase". It's all roses and lilies.

    Over time, things slow down a bit. This doesn't necessarily mean that you don't love each other as much, but it could mean a lot of different things like:

    1- He got closer to you and found out that you're not as compatible as he thought you were. His feelings are getting less intense and that's when he starts to think things over. He doesn't text much because he doesn't want to. He feels like you're needy and that you should give him more space.

    2- He loves you dearly, but the honeymoon phase is over. He's being more realistic now and feels like he doesn't have to tell you that he loves you everyday...because you already know so. He thinks that you love him already and it isn't necessary to call you/text you each day for you to feel loved. It's a mature phase. It doesn't mean his love is any less.

    There are a lot of different reasons. And remember that people are actually different. Maybe he called you a lot in the beginning of your relationship to win you (because you like it that way) even though he's not a fan like he said.

    Two days isn't a long period of time anyway. The best thing to do is to keep busy and make a full life of your own. It will make you feel happy and will make him understand that you're not feeling lonely without him.

    Hope this helps. :)