What do girls like to talk about with guys?

I talk often with girls but I seems to me that quality of conversation is only average. I am looking for something that she will engage into and talk back about it.

Hence the question:

What do you girls like to talk about with guys?

What was one (or perhaps two) occasion(s) that you felt pulled into conversation. What was it about? Was there something else that contributed to it? What else would you recommend to me to make me enjoyable in conversation for girls?


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  • It really depends on the girl. If you find an interesting girl, she will have an opinion on just about everything, an intelligent opinion based on experience. Anything that will make her laugh at yourself is great. I like talking about cars with guys because I learn language and parts. Women relate to emotion, evoke emotion in her. Either bring up something that might make her mad, or sad, or really happy. Women mostly can relate to food, family, and holidays. We all have food, family, and have been through holidays. It will have her thinking of memories of the past, and then she can share a story with you.

    Good Luck!


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  • Well, anything I also like to talk about with girls. I have a hard time in general having a conversation with a stranger unless we discover that we have shared interests or tastes in music/movies/books.

    I think some girls are closed off from talking to guys because they think they're trying to get something from them (sex, a date, whatever) OR because they think men and women are so vastly different that they can't have much in common.

  • Things I can't really talk to women about.




    Nintendo/Video Games...

    Anythng he likes, that doesn't involve changing my physical appearance, but having fun with who we are, the way we are now.

    Sorry, had to rant. *blush*

  • i rarely talk to guys, as I really don't share in any of their interests, but when I do, probably something along the lines of the news, humor (in regards to something that happened in class, or just random things), schoolwork, uh, what I did over the weekend? lol...

    i find it hard to keep a conversation going with a guy, unless he was gay...

    • What makes it hard to keep conversation with only not gay guys?

    • because they share a lot of feminine interests like clothes, drama, gossip, and BOYS...hah.

    • Yeah. I see what you are saying. So, what are you going to talk about with your partner?

  • i love talking about travelling

    and also views on life..i find that makes for interesting conversation

    e.g. what a meaningful life is to him, life goals etc..

  • i love to travel so if that ever comes up in a conversation I am thrilled, find out what she's interested in and that will boost any conversation! Similar taste in music, movies, comedians etc. trust me, she will love you! :)


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