How to change what you're attracted to?

I notice I'm naturally attracted to other various races of women, not really my own, and I just want to be attracted to and stick to my own race. I am no racist, I just believe that sticking with your own is best.

Although it isn't used for this purpose, I wonder if CBT could possibly work? Maybe some kind of desensitization? I'm curious if you guys have any knowledge or leads on the subject of changing what you're attracted to, and maybe can recommend some quality stuff.


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  • something tells me you are a black male.

    white womens beauty is constantly worship in the media. from a child to a man you will grow up with images of beautiful white women on every channel and during every commercial break. that's why black men like white women so much. its not that white women are all that.

    its because there beauty is worship 24/7 and when you constantly see it you are going to be attracted to it eventually. black women's beauty is only worship when its the whitest version of it like beyonce, halle berry(who is half white) and rihanna (when she has blond hair).

    i say only date black girls, only have sex with black girls, and only watch p*rn when featuring black girls then you will be fine.

    • by your theory everyone would be wicked into white girls wich definitely not the case. although you bring up good point with white beauty thing

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    • hahahaaa Rhianna blond hair hilarious ... yeah that's probably why I like white boys XD jk

    • but do they like you is the question?

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  • I once was like that. I am not really attraced to many guys my own race. I love other races.

    But then I came to realize, that I didn't need to change

    Why do you want to change?

    • Just conflict really. Religion, culture, and even racism.

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    • Yeah, I agree with you to the point of trying to convince someone of your value.

      But If I may state, any race has that issue at times. Whether it be to different races dating or not.

      I believe when someone cares for you, regardless of race/gender/rank, etc, You don't have to try to do anything. Being you is all it takes. Be cause you are priceless, your worth is in being you. They should see that, not your color. = *(

      There's my two cents ... have a good one.

    • I completely agree with you. Thank you, that message was very kind.

      Have a good one as well.

  • then ignore what you want and like and go with what you think is best ... I think it better to listen to the brain anyways emotions and 'love' always end up sh*tting you out

    • Lol, I can agree with that. Although, I still would like to rid the attraction I have for other races. It's just complicated.

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    • "but except the reality that it won't work because I'm selfish :D ... and then get the things I know that won't disappoint me shoes, purses, nail polish, ... material things ... LOL"

      Lmao! How is that selfish? I think it's selfish if your mate tries to change you and make you give it up. :P But your suggestion and Nubianstar's intertwine quite well. I shall do it!

    • scar1: not if you control your brain ... muhahahaaaa

      QA: OMG you should not have copied my answer because I reread it like 50 times I was like did I post this twice then I read further ...

      however I think in the end if the worst comes true and I fall in love then I will give up anything for him LORD PLEASE NO ... but keep me posted and tell me how blocking things out helps

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