I think I have a problem with a girl

who broke up with me because she was going to marry another guy and got engaged, and the break up happened 9 months ago. And I was horrible because of that, once I started to feel better and got through that 6 months ago then 2 months ago I met a girl online and then since last month we started dating. At the moment we are not official but dating and learning more about ourselves. But today that ex of 9 months ago contacted me and said that they had split up, and she wants to meet me. I am puzzled now. And I don't know what to think of that and what to do about it. one think is that she kind of cheated, was in a long term relationship but it doesn't matter. And I don't know if I still have feeling for her, and if I want her back. some people say that a cheater is always a cheater, in other cases it works OK and people rejoin and are happy. I don't know. Please advice.


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  • I think it's best you move on from the 9-month girl.

    I don't like the fact that she came back when it was convenient for HER!

    If she was for you, I believe she would have never left you. Esecially when you did all you could.

    If you have feelings, cool. However, to spare yourself drama and pain, let her go.

    You deserve better.

    It hurts me to hear how you've been treated.

    You are too cool of a guy for her, really.

    I wish I were on the other end of the phone when she called. >= (.

    • How would you respond if you were me? just curious. Cause I just didn't know what to say, I was puzzled.

    • I would tell her (him in my case) to just leave me alone.

      I can't take having my heart stepped on like this.

      Then I would wish them a blessed life and hang up, move on.

      That's my response short and simple.

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  • So, 9months EX vs 2 months Online , looks like you are not really into any of these relationship at the moment. You haven't started a serious relationship with the girl you met online, also you couldn't trust your ex from her last cheating.

    So maybe just let it flow. But if I am you, I won't choose EX cause something is already changed.

    Anyway, don't make any decisions if you feel yourself uncertain, otherwise any of choice is mean to hurt someone.

  • I don't think you should go backwards. You should go forward. Don't let an ex ruin something that hasn't even begun yet. She moved on and was going to get married and it didn't work so now she has come back to you. Is that what you want to be? A plan B? A second choice. She has her choice and she choose someone else. I think you should continue talking to this new girl. Don't do what your ex did to you.

  • I wouldn't bother to meet up with her. You need to let it go and that's that.


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  • That\s a thing. You have a choice now. I in your place would not see it as stressful but relaxing. It's about your options what widened. You probably don't know how you feel about this, but you will find out. Don't worry about that. You will know what you want to do best.

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