Girls what does it feel like for you getting ready for a 1st date with a guy you don't know?

I know for me I wonder if we will have anything in common, hope I have enough to talk about, hope it never gets awkward, wondering when and if I should "make a move", wondering if she will like me for more than just my looks.

Just wondering cause I have a date tonight with a girl I met outside a club last week. Wondering what she must be thinking about. We have been texting and Facebookin but havn't spoke on the phone yet. Wish me luck!


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  • Well for me it's mostly about what will I wear... Do I have enough time to freshen in and relax before meeting, especially if it is during the week when I have work the next day.

    Before meeting my current boyfriend I dated a lot... I mean I had about 30 first (and last) dates. I would meet men out (like in your case) or I would meet them on and some on

    After getting use to the whole thing I realized it wouldn't make a difference. There can't be an awkward moment... you can talk about anything. And I think it's a good idea to save on time. Especially if you are looking for a potential GF. and if that is the case I wouldn't make any moves.. but also depends on the type of girl she is. All the dates I went on .. when the guy tried to kiss me the first night I found it to be rude. I pulled away and never saw him again. But if you met her outside a club this could be different and she could wanna just get busy if you know what I mean haha

    either way go into it with an open mind and be yourself.. no reason to jump through hoops trying to figure things out.


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  • I guarantee you she is so nervous. She is probably thinking about how you are going to react to her, what she is going to say, how she is going to act, what she is going to wear, how to do her hair, wondering if you'll like her. Make sure you're outgoing & keep the conversations flowing! Girls hate it when guys don't talk and ask questions!

  • I also guarantee that she is nervous lol!

    She's probably stressing about what to wear, doesn't want to come off as trying to hard, but still wants to look nice. She's probably wondering what you guys will talk about, so make sure you not only talk alot, but ask her questions about herself.

    This is a great opportunity to get to know each other, good luck!


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