Is my boyfriend cheating or is he just embarassed of me?

Me and my boyfriend have been together off and on for 3 years. He is 21 and I am 23.At the beginning it was a lot of cheating and misconduct on his part mostly due to Facebook. He asked me to deactivate my Facebook because it brings nothing but problems from me snooping or whatever. I do not need a social network to feel complete so I had no problem deactivating it. However he can not live without it.

We have been back together this go around since February and this go around we promised everything would be different. No more lying, no more cheating and I would have more trust in him.

We moved in together 2 months ago. Him, Me, his twin brother and my 2 sons. Before we moved in together everything was perfect. I stopped going to clubs and he did as well. We had our weekly movie outings on the weekends while the kids were away but it seems that as soon as we moved in together everything change. He stopped our movie nights saying they were pointless because we live together and that I was being selfish to expect us to still do stuff together now that we see each other everyday. He started going to the clubs again with his twin brother using my car and leaving me home alone with no without transportation. We no longer have sex as often as we did prior to us moving in. one every couple of weeks if I ask for it and he says its because he works and he's tired and he doesn't want sex to get boring. We do not hug or kiss. Occasionally we cuddle (if he's cold and trying to get warm then he pushes me away.) If I bring up the lack of affection or not feeling loved he calls me selfish and says I should be happy that we stay together and that he comes home to me every not and stop "craving attention". True enough we do stay together and he is home everyday after work and only gone on the weekends but I know something is up...we sleep in the same bed and barely communicate or touch. he just lays on his side of the bed mesmerized by his phone. Texting or Facebooking.

A few weeks ago one of my friends coworkers was on Facebook and they ended up on his page after seeing his post about him laying in bed alone and being lonely and needing people to text him. My friend calls and asks me what I'm doin and I'm like layin in bed and she asks and am I at home and I'm like yea duhhh. Then she reads me his posts and begins to send me screen captures of his stats saying how he needs a woman and how he needs ladies to text and flirting with numerous girls and posting semi nude pics of his self. When I confront him he says he just does that because he's bored and he only texts girls when I make him mad but not to worry because they don't talk about anything. He never makes posts about us being together and refuses to even take a picture with me.

This has all taken a toll on me and I really need to know that I'm not just being insecure


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  • You're not being insecure. He's being selfish and not attentive to your needs, and you should not be treated that way. You shouldn't just "be happy that he comes home to you" that's what people are SUPPOSED to do in committed relationships. I'm not quite sure how deep the involvement is, I know it's a big step to move in together, but I personally do not think that this relationship is worth any of your time any longer. As far as I can see, he does not seem to have changed, and he does not act like a man in a serious relationship which is unacceptable after youve specifically discussed it.


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  • Why do you stay with him?

    • *What is causing you to stay

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    • Thats what I thought, the problem isn't you, its him. You love him but what is HE giving YOU. Nothing but bullsh*t. You deserve and need to be treated with more respect. Listen to his actions, they speak louder than his words. The fact that he told you to deactivate your fb is beyond weird and suspicious. He just doesn't want to see him post sh*t to other girls, he's trying to cheat/cheating and not doing very much to cover up. He just doesn't care, if he cared he would be putting his attention

    • into you and not these other girls. There is no reason for him to be glued to his phone 24. Are the 2 boys his sons? If so I would say therapy with him or to get your own place and distance yourself from him. He got comfortable again and has stopped trying. Don't let him treat you like this.

  • you can activate your Facebook back, return him back what he did and see how he react. if there's still love he might get jealous.