How can I fix my relationship before I lose him?

For a while my boyfriend wasn't being himself,one minute he would e all happy and affectionate,the next his mood would drop and he would get annoyed easily at me.Its taken me weeks to find out what is wrong,we live together with my parents and I have a fair few health problems that I'm trying to get better with,my boyfriend has been nothing but supportive,now he said its starting to take a toll on him and it's nearly been a year,he's also tired of coming home after work and it's all the same an he said he feels awkward around my parents now I don't know why.I asked him if he wanted to break up with me and he said no,I asked him what did he want to know about everything an he said I don't know but I think we need our own place.

Thing is I can't afford to move out.I said to him you can move out if you want too and he said he doesn't think we would work out of he moved out on his own and I asked why and he said because it would be like we are moving backwards not forward and he wants to move forward,I said with me or alone an he said with me..

I'm so lost I feel sick,I can't sleep.I messaged him saying I'm glad he told me and that I want to make changes but no reply yet,he is at work so I'll have to wait til he gets home.What would you take from this?What do I do?I can't help it that I'm unwell but I also understand having a sick girlfriend isn't easy..I would do anything not to lose him.Also he goes from being really affectionate to not at all and doesn't message me through the day anymore.Please help me.


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  • It sounds like the situation is stressing him out a lot. It's obvious that he cares about you since he's so keen on living with you. Him moving out may be the best thing for him. He would have more space to himself. Explain to him that you're fine with him moving out if he feels it's better for him. I don't see it is going backward. Living with parents isn't really the same as having your own place together.

    • Yeah he doesn't want to move out on his own,I even asked him if he wanted space but he said he didn't.It's weird now though he's started texting me through the day again,we've been laughing again,maybe t's since I've been trying to show I'm feeling a bit better(when I'm really not)Its so hard I feel like I have a time limit to get my health all better..We had a big talk though and things seem a little bit better,we're going away so maybe that'll help things..