Did I blow it? and should I just give up?

Okay this guy and I were just texting back and forth. He dropped hints he was interested. When I asked him to lunch he didn't give me a response, and then I asked him about it. He said he had more important obligations...I played it off at first but it really bothered me. Then I consulted with a guy friend and he typed up a message for me to send. It read something like" I know you're going to college and I probably won't see you again. Even if we had something it wouldn't work out(not saying there is something) but I'd over to keep you as a friend." He took it the wrong way and said I was taking it too serious when that's not the case. I apologized for being dramatic and he said it was fine but hasn't talked to me since...


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  • You asked him to lunch? He said he had more important things to do? wtf Give up! He's not worth it.


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  • i wouldn't say you blew it I just think it was never going to work out

    • He said we could hangout just not lunch. Idk

    • oh! I though it was more he thought you were taking the relationship too seriously

      sorry, I'd say he acted inconsiderately not giving you a response but still I don't think you blew it

      just play it cool, continue hanging out as you've been and let the relationship grow naturally, don't come on too strong but continue to drop subtle hints.

  • Most men are f**s and not worth your time. Don't sweat it.


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