Whatsapp block after date??

On Monday, I had a second date with a girl. I took her out to dinner, it was great and we had a good time together. She was being very cool, talkative etc., I had the impression she had a great time as well. After the evening was over, we both went our ways. We talked a little on whatsapp, she said she had a great time and thanked me for it, and that she went to take a shower and sleep. Then, she blocked me on whtatsapp, until Tuesday night. I was waiting for her to unblock me the whole day, it kinda drove me insane!

I am just so curious to know why she would do this? Is it just plain disinterest? Or is it some kind of game to mess with my mind. And now, I'm wondering when I should contact her again. I usually don't like playing by these kinds of 'rules', and just call or text whenever I feel like it. I'm just dying to know what this could mean :). What do you guys think?


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  • She either:

    A) playing hard to get.


    B) she's not really that interested


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