He's upset. Should I call or not?

He didn't say he's mad at me but I know he is. I didn't do anything recently it's just piled up from 4 months ago.

Should I leave him to cool down or call him like nothing is wrong or ask him what's wrong with him?

P.s he's a drama king. :)


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  • Let him stew over his own actions, you need to let him know that your not immature enough to chase his little tantrums, but when he is over it, to give you a call,x

    • Problem is, he blames me for everything. When he's the one who confused the s**t out of me!

      And I know him too well and I know he's not gonna call unless I do. And I love him so much and I don't wanna lose him! But everyone says I should leave and move on... :(

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    • We'll see what happens...

      Thank you. :) x

    • your welcome,x

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