I've been with my boyfriend - "father of my unborn child" - for a year?

Am I crazy or do I have a right to be curious?

I've been knowing the person I'm with now for about 8 years I'm 22 and he's 21

long story short we always had something for one another but I was basically second choice throughout those years to his first love I had gotten over him and that's when him and her had broke up for good.. him leaving her < after about 5 months he tried his hardest to be with me again saying he would do anything for me back in his life and how he was young and immature back then and so on.. so I gave him another chance its been a year now that we have been together, we live together and I am 8 1/2 months pregnant he never speaks to his ex that I know of but I don't know why I always have feelings that he misses her or is trying to look at pictures of her on Facebook/ see what she's up too a lot of his friends are friends with her and so they always have pictures of them up that I KnOw he see's...

do I have a right to feel this way or is something wrong with me?


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  • Nothing's wrong with you. You're perceptive.

    He's lying to you. There is nothing worse; you can never believe anything he says.

    The baby complicates things, but consider what kind of father he will be.

    Wish I were/Hope I am wrong on this.


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