Got a text saying "this is his girlfriend, don't call or text my man." Is it true?

Early in the morning I got a text saying This is jordan girlfriend don't text or call my man no more and I Facebooked his friend asked if it was true & he said they might have been drunk texting. I sent a text back 2 jordan saying after all the sh*t I did for you You couldn't tell me you had a girlfriend your gift is being burned f-u but I actually said it.

Then I get a text saying it was a joke and I say yea I'm not stupid then he said what then I said I get a text 3 in the morning wtf am I suppose 2 think I don't have time fir the mind games I really don't I did text him after I got out the club and he never answered till it said the girlfriend thing. should I believe it or not!?


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  • No guy "jokes" about being his imaginary girlfriend and tells the girl he's seeing to back off.

    He was busted. You know it. He knows it. We all know it.


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