His friends tell me he is a dumb@ss. then I knew why

I met this guy at a club.

we exchange numbers and texted time to time.

then he invited me to come over his place to watch movie together.

so I came to his place and had a small conversation with him

suddenly he invited his friends and left me alone.

he ignored me and just had fun with his friend. wtf what am i?

so I gor offended I told him I gotta go

the he said. 'okay then call me when you got your place'

i got more angry because he didn't want to take me home safely.

so I asked to take me home with him

then he brought his friends with him so I could go home with his friends haha

why he doesn't want to spend time with me?

does he not interested in me? right?


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  • A bad host to say te least. If he invited other friends over, he still should have included you in the group.

    His cavalier attitude about you leaving suggests he has no interest in dating you, at best he hopes to get you to be a booty call.

    Jerkish if not an outright jerk.

    • gosh..really? he is that bad? :( is this because we met at the club ? or I am not just his type? :(

      honest answer pls

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    • why he is not interested in me? what do you think? if I were beautiful he would treat me well :(

    • First, for all I know, you are beautiful. He clearly thought you were beautiful enough to hit on at a club and invite you over.

      I'll say it's his personality, he's not looking for a relationship just an easy hookup. Reframe your experience, don't take it personally, consider yourself dodging a bullet.

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  • sounds like he is either trying to make you jealous, or he just wants to be friends with you

  • You're correct, he just isn't that interested in you.

    No way would I ignore a girl I've invited, especially one I'm interested in.


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  • OKay so he invited his friends over while you were there watching a movie? Did he ask you out on a date? Hmm I'm not sure if he wants anything to do with a relationship with you..perhaps just friends?