Is this guy still interested and what should I do?

There is this guy at work that I like and I feel that he may also have feeling for me. There are lots of signs that I think are telling me that he is interested in me.He said to me once before I left work that we should hang out sometime out of work hours and then he got me to put my number in his phone. A few months later while we were at work he says to me that we really need to hang out soon and then asking me what days I had off work. He likes to joke and tease about me in front of other work members. We text each other quite frequently, a couple of times out of the blue he will ring me. There was a time that he rang me just because he saw me sitting at a bus stop as he drove past me. There was another time when I texted him to ask if he wanted to catch up with a few drinks. He said that he was sorry cause he had a basketball game. After his basketball game he rang me and said to me that he wanted to come visit me. But I was tired from work, so I told him I was already asleep. One day after we both saw each other after we both finished work he asked me if I wanted to wait for him and I said okay. He was intending on giving me a lift home but his mum called him and asked for a lift home.He even said that if his mum didn't turn up soon WE are leaving and before he left he asked if I would be okay to get home. He asked if I was okay to get home before we left. Then when I went home I texted to see whether he was home yet and then he asked if I was home yet as well.There were a couple of times when his phone was dead and he could not reply to my text messages and the next day he would apologize to me for not returning my messages. But there was a situation when we were together with a bunch of friends chatting, it felt like he was kind of ignoring me but every now and then I would catch him looking over at me whilst he was chatting. But when I left we both said goodbye to each other. Why would this guy act like this in front of me and is this guy interested in me and what should I do? Lately when I have the time to text him he doesn't respond as often as he used to! I had a friend tell me that he ask her whether I like him or not! She didn't say anything but I think that he got the hint that I do like him. Why would this guy act like this in front of a girl and is this guy interested in me and what should I do?


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  • *sigh*

    Ask him if he wants to go on a "date date" with you. You like him, yeah? You should try and get him before he snatches up somebody else. Don't worry about if he likes you or not, and don't get upset if he turns you down either. It's worth asking for sure, as you are obviously into him. The worst that would happen is he'll say no, and you've still gained, as you'll learn from the experience.

  • man he was directly asking you to hang out with him out of work of course he liked you. He put in a lot of effort and you didn't seem to respond much so he probably is starting to think you didn't really like him all that much so he is starting to put in less effort and get demotivated to keep trying as hard.


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