Do you think I need to back off now?

To cut a very long story short, about 1month ago I had a fall out with a fem friend via text chat, she wouldn't take my calls and I said to forget about our friendship and I won't trouble her again. The argument stemmed from a further few weeks back when we fell out and I had just started to get normal text communication going. Anyway she replied back saying I was overreacting, said I was too much stress and she gives up on us. I replied back next day saying all I wanted was our friendship to be good and I don't think she appreciates our friendship and don't bother texting back. She ignored it. Anyway last week I felt genuinely bad for what I did and sent her a message on Facebook (I've deleted her number and took off Facebook as I was so hurt she was being cold and distant with me after 5 months of a good stable friendship). She ignored my Facebook message. I sent her another massive Facebook apology again this week and said I was truly sorry and should never have dropped our friendship. I was so sorry. She has ignored it again after 4 days. No although I deleted her of Facebook I know she's been on as her profile pic has changed. Also message history came up and showed me her number she gave me in December. Shall I attempt to text her or just back off and leave her to come back to me? I am not the type to pester and over text but I want her back. I'm just not sure what to do. Before anyone says, yes I was over the top and too much but that's why I made 2 attempts to apologize.

Ok it's her birthday next week on Tuesday, I don't know whether to text her Happy Birthday just so she knows I'm thinking off her?


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  • Leave her alone. It's not worth your time. You've made two attempts to contact her and she hasn't written back.

    • I guess this might be my only option now. I just feel so bad for the way I acted. I know she isn't completely innocent and she was being hot and cold, but I acted so stupid and childish in dropping our friendship. I really miss her.

    • She's no saint. It just seems that you see your own horns and not hers (haha). Sometimes the best thing to do is to "stop, drop, and roll" out of a relationship that has you flustered and blowing in every direction.

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  • Women ignore guys when our feelings are hurt. Don't really know what to suggest, but that is most likely the reason, for whatever the argument was.

    • Yeah I guess that makes sense. But I'm worried if I keep texting and apologising she will think I'm too much. I don't wanna come across stalkerish. I don't know whether to leave her alone for some time now.

    • I'd give her a couple of weeks and then respond, or wait till she talks to you. If I am hurting, the last thing on Earth I want is for a guy to keep sending me messages. It may not be meant bad, but it doesn't make it easier. Sometimes we need a little space so we can have a long cry or whatever.

    • Think I'll just wait a month or so as I did send her 2 apologies. No point in me apologising, if I meant anything to her then surely she'd contact me in time :(

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  • You have to back off dude.

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