What does it mean when my guy huges me tight and he kisses me like he hasn't kissed me in days?

We see each other just about everyday of the week..I always stay the night with him every sat, and we hang out and do stuff on Sunday..He has already introduced me to his family..His mom really likes me..And he says that he is going to ask me to be his girlfriend when the time is right..But I don't know how he really feels..He has been hurt a lot in the past and I understand that he is taking his time..Which I do not mine at all..I just don't want to be wasting his time if he's really not that in to me?


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  • Well him hugging you and kissing you passionate doesn't say he wants to 'marry' you or ask you out, it means he REALLY likes being affectionate. Or he's a good hugger, but sounds like he really likes you so if your relationship is good as you described then you should stay, and remind him (if not already) that your there for him.

    • I tell him that I'm there for him as much as I can without being pushey or somthering him...How do I know what he feels?

    • Ask him, a lot of people worry that they'll come off the wrong way, but just ask him.

  • It just means he's happy to see you and really likes you!


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