GIRLS: I need your help she is very hard to read

I've only known her for a couple of days, and I find myself attracted to her. she's very open and outgoing but I can't quite put my finger on her. She is a family friend/neighbor and comes to my place every other day with her sis to hangout with the house owner (I don't own the house I just live there paying monthly)

I am bad at reading body language, anyway I've found something unusual that she does. whenever its time for them to leave, she calls out "Bye *my name*...", looks at me then moves her eyes downward looking at the ground and walks away.

I am waiting for the opportunity, for us to be alone so I can finally have a conversation with her and maybe ask her out.

ughh I think I'm crushing on her, like today I woke up thinking about her, I don't know I've been out of the dating game for a long time.


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  • if she seems intrested in you she more then likely is. the next time she comes over you make the opertunity to talk to her alone, start a conversation with her, don't be shy and just be your self.


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