Playing games or not interested? Didn't answer my call but was online on whatsapp

We've dated for 2 months, and then he left for out of town for a week, then called when he got back, invited me to a party he was going to be at..i said okay and I couldn't hear him and I would call back when I got to a place with better reception..and then when I did call him back, he didn't answer. That was over 3 hours ago, and I checked that he'd been online on whatsapp the whole time. Why did he ignore my call after calling me in the first place?


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  • Message him on that "whatsapp" program. Sometimes people leave programs running while they're not even online. He could not have his phone near him, or bad signal and the phones not picking up. It doesn't seem like he's playing games since he called you, as well as inviting you places with him.

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