The 'fling' woman will not stop texting him!

My man and I broke up we were together 3 years - we missed each other but I was being stubborn and so was he - he had a fling - we ended up getting back together and he tells me he loves me with all his heart - he cooks for me everyday and since we got back together he never leaves my side and is singing happy cooking cleaning making love - problem is - the 'fling' woman will not stop texting him - he has asked her to stop - first she posted pictures of him and her on his Facebook - then she texts nonstop - some 'light' texts - others how could you do this to me texts - others here are pictures of me naked to remind you - it is driving me crazy I'm emotional upset sad he tells me he will make it stop not to worry - that he is WITH me he holds me very tight when I am crying about it asking him when will it stop so we can go forward - we love each other very much but this woman is freaking me out - WHAT TO DO?


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  • LOL no wonder the other chick has pulled out all the stops to get a guy like that.

    About the only thing you can do is help him get a restraining order. This is a clear case of harassment.

    • thanks hunney but she's in another country ! he says not to worry I'm trying HARD every single day but it is causing me anguish we decided to change his phone number first and see how that goes but the Facebook thing..oh god I hate Facebook

  • Block her on FB, and block her number, although nowadays that's not possible for individual numbers so much. And more importantly: ignore her. She will loose interest fast as she doesn't feel in control anymore.

    • thank you Jonny I sure am trying I'm a bit worried that it is a psycho I will try even harder thankyou so much you guys are just great :-)

    • It's interesting because a friend had to deal with a weirdo herself. He was constantly texting her, trying to guilt her into talking to him so he could tell her off "to win". Being totally obsessive and manipulative. Eventually she really had enough and said horrible things to him, she had to make him hate her so he'd move on. So far it seems like it worked. So if all fails, it's an option ;)

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