GUYS: if you had no interest in a girl would you...?

GUYS: if you have no interest in a girl to you bother to text her back? would you ask about her day in depth if you had no feelings for her? I am very confused about a guy. I know he used to like me but then became convinced I liked someone else and kinda gave up. he really seems to care and I thought he might still like me but sometimes I am not so sure because he sometimes leaves mid convo and doesn't text back if I say something now very reliable. and he rarely texts first-only if he has a reason like asking how my play went\wishing me luck or asking if I had Facebook so I could check out a song he did. he did call twice in April but not since then (yea I was stupid I didn't pick up =p) and I don't know if I should keep texting him or what. what do you think?


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  • If he did show interest before, and he feels like you weren't into him, he's not going to think otherwise unless if you give an obvious signal that sais "I like you / want to get to know you better / have feelings for you".

    If it were me I would think that the girl had friendzoned me and still wants to tell me her lifestory all the time.

    So my advice would be to make a move on it, tell him that you want to go do something together (like I don't know, watch a movie, help you pick out new glasses, anything). At some point though you're probably going to have to put yourself out there and get ready for the possibility of rejection, or the more likely option, that he will like you right back.


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  • If you like.the guy then open the doors for him

    Call him up

    Talk to.him catch him

    If you don't then I think its best that you stop texting him

    It hurts when we like someone and they can't be ours staying in contact with them is like having a scar that keeps bleeding

  • Personally if I don't like someone I don't talk to them, I only talk to girls if they are my friend or I like them


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