Guys would you think I am into you?

guys what would you think? would you think I am into you? and if not what should I do so that he thinks that?

this guy and I live door to door in a students` hostel

when he looks at me I often have to play with something (hair or accessory) and sometimes I stare at his eyes him and sometimes I am too shy to look at his face but when I see him I always smile and sometimes I touch him on the arm or something when he teases me and most of the time I talk sh*t (I am really nervous around him)

once he just came home from the uni and I asked him if he wanna come over watch TV because I have to wait for my roomie (but my roomie came before he was able to change clothes and come over) and once I just came over to his room and we chatted and once I asked him if he wanna go to the cinema. and I wrote him on Facebook (not small talk messages they all had a reason like once I wanted to thank him for something…)

the dumb thing I did was that I told him that a guy has a crush on me (he knows that guy too) and I said that the guy is a bit weird because he sent me pics of his lower body with bathers and stuff like that and I don`t like it and now I am afraid that he is afraid that when he tries to flirt with me I will tell other people that he is “strange” too


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  • I wouldn't really care what my friend did, Id just laugh at it really and shrug it off, so quit stallin and make a move!


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