Creeped this cute girl out bad in elementary school and there's a pretty good chance ill see her again, help?

i know, I know, long story, but just read it please... :D

Alright, so back in elementary school in 6th grade I saw this cute girl and I wanted to talk to her and become close friends but I was too shy to go near her or talk to her so I got some friends to tell her that I thought she was cute (idk what I wanted exactly from her) and so they told her. After that the girl and her friend approach me and her friend says for us to say hi but nothing comes out of us so they kinda just leave awkwardly (I might have said hi but my shyness got to me and I was really sick, I had the start of phenomena)

after all that things got worse from there and nearly all the 6th grade classes knew about my crush v.v.. and some people even tried to do something to get us together but it just never happened.. So then around near the end of 6th grade I could tell she didn't wanna be near me because in a assembly we had in school I was sitting behind her on the left side of the rows but I had to go leave for a second and when I came back she was all the way at the right end of her row far away from me.

and I don't know but I had some kind of goal for her to sign my yearbook before we all graduated from elementary school since I wouldn't be able to see her anymore since we would be changing schools. and so I just did it and she signed it, none of us saying a word or making eye contact.. Then after summer I was talking to my friends and my friends told me she thought I was a weirdo and that I kinda just forced her to sign my yearbook. (and yeah now that I think about it I feel like I did)

Well, now that years have passed, and we graduated junior high and we are all off to go to the high school off to 10th grade, I feel like theirs a good chance ill see her again. I don't know what I should do if I see her. Neither do I know what to do if there's ever a day where we have to talk to each other (For example, a school project e.e)

Though, I've really changed a lot over the years, back then I combed my hair to one side so my bangs made this weird arch, didn't shower everyday, wore very basic clothes, etc and didn't feel very confident about myself and a lot more shy.. I guess you could say I was like a "nerd" lol. But then their was a time back in early junior high where my older cousin who cared a lot about his appearance and was maybe 16 at the time made a big influence on how I looked. I started wearing nice things, styled haircut, etc. Really grateful he came in and helped me make that big change, or else I wouldn't be as confident as I am today..

Although even if I'm much more confident, and look a lot better than before I still don't know what to do if I see this girl again... I hope I don't to see her again but then again I looked her up on Facebook and she's a lot cuter than she was before... my reaction was like HOLY SHT... now I'm feeling a lot of regret for what I did in 6th grade... can someone help me out I'm kinda stuck here. I think I'm falling for her again..v.v

UPDATE: today was my first day of high school and I actually saw her! :O

she was looking right at me.. well, I think she was looking at me? her face was facing towards me as I was getting out of 1st period with my friend and everyone else.

now that really makes me wonder if she recognized me.. lol. and mann shhess gotten prettier.. I wanted to look at her more but I didn't wanna stick around so I just ended up getting a glimpse of her face haha..


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  • Wow so my comment is a little late but its better late then never right? lol but anyways um you should just go up to her and say hi and ask her if she remembers you we all do stupid and weird things when we are younger and we regret in the future just keep your head up and play it cool. I remember one time in fifth grade I had a crush on this kid and at recess I would tell my younger brother to tell him I liked him but when ever the kid tried to come and talk to me I would basically run away from him. We are all human we do silly things but I kinda got off topic but yeah just tell her who you are ,help her remember you and don't be afraid just go ahead and do it if you think about it too much then you start to chicken out. High school is a lot different then elementary school your more mature and you can handle an awkward situations better then when you were little. Most likely she will not remember you but if she does then you can show her how you have changed and you will probably have a better shot now at her. Just go for it the longer you wait the more time she has to find someone else. And don't feel bad about 6th grade it probably wouldn't have worked out because you both went to different middle schools.

    • lol I feel like she would remember because it all happened less than a month before the last day of school :s... but yeah, I should go for it.. But I think maybe I should wait till I have a class with her... I don't really wanna find myself trying to talk to her in under 5mins in the halls during passing time...

      But anyways thanks a lot for replying, I feel better about this whole situation now.. :D

    • Your welcome

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  • dont regret it - life is long, people change. keep your hopes up, you might see her again :)

  • Just play it cool ... a lot of people (girls included) do weird stuff in 6th grade. It's an awkward time. Also, try to put it out of your mind. The more you obsess about it and build it up in your mind that she's sooooooooo hot and so unapproachable, the weirder it make you feel, due to all of the internal pressure. Don't try to come up with a scheme to make up for it and win her over ... just enjoy meeting who you meet in high school and see what happens. Trying to force something leads to awkward moments and missed opportunities with other people.


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