Girls in long term relationships....but has strong interest in someone else?

What do you do? Do you wait for it to go away or do you give pursue? Do you drop hints that you would like to be with the other person instead?

Because this girl is giving me so many signals and I'm wondering if she is trying to hint something, or just playing around.


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  • I was in a relationship with my ex for a little over a year.

    I started to like this new guy I started working with. and we would talk as friends.

    and this new guy was so much more interesting then my ex.

    i did break up with my ex for this new guy, we aren't dating

    and I actually love being single, and being able to be around different people.

    it's refreshing. My life was blocked out from the world.

    Im glad with my decision with pursuing being around this new guy.


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