Girl obsessed over me? Help please?

Ok so first off, I'm going to be in college starting this fall. I met this girl at a summer camp last week. We kind of fell for each other almost instantly and spent the whole week talking, making out, etc. The problem is that we talk ALL the time now. It's not that I don't care about her, it's that we can't date. She lives 8 hours away from me and messages me on Facebook all the time and writes on my wall. I don't have a problem with this as of today, but I know I'm going to want to meet other women during college and I don't want her to slow me down. But I don't want to break her heart either. She's told me I am the only decent guy she's ever met and I don't want to ruin it for her. So what am I going to do? I'm a really quiet guy and she brought me out of my shell and honestly is one of the only people in my life that really really cares about me. But it has to end eventually. This can't be a healthy relationship


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  • wow. just. wow.

    you were only just yesterday freaking out about how late is too late to text her. HOW can you see her before summer. you HAVE to see her before summer.

    Now, _shes_ obsessed -with _you_? Where does delusion, begin, and Exactly how big is your ego.

    Slow you down? All you said a day or two ago is how much you like her miss her want her. now she's slowing you down.

    if you are honest with her she won't do _anything_./

    you are already creating drama. you're setting things up mentally, where shell be after u. you'll be after other girls& can always feel safe that you have a stalker.

    just tell her you really like her, and you don't know what she wants,m but you know you are not comfortable with the idea of being in a long term relationship. make sure to tell her you're not assuming that's what she wants-unless she explicitly said that's what she wants-because its extremely aggravating, having people warn you about stuff, you never mentioned.

    btw long distant rel are not unhealthy in themselves. obviously its not what you want, so its not a good idea.

    the only thing unhealthy here, is the games you're playing.

    just get a grip & be honest with her. & stop trying to guess her actions. talk to her, respectfully, as an equal human being.

  • you need to talk to her about it. just show her how your relationship isn't practical because you can't date and hopefully she will get it

    • should I wait like a month? or til I get a girlfriend? I really don't want to make this awkward between us.

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    • i honestly think you should do what you feel. if you like her and you want to make it work, then go for it. and if you think you want to explore your options, be honest with her and end it. if you stay with her just so you don't hurt her and you're not happy because you'll be thinking about other options, she won't be happy in the end and you'll both be hurt anyways. you should think about what you truly want and go from there.

    • idk what I really want. I guess I'll play it by ear til then

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