I DO NOT want to come off as annoying, that's the last thing I want!

Please don't judge me and say I am "stalking" as I am not. I am being as respectful as I can.

So the guy I like lives next door. He told me before to "Come by anytime" and I do but only every 2 or 3 weeks, I give it a good wait in between. I do not have his number yet so texting or calling is not an option. Anyway we haven't actually spoke since last Wed but yesterday night he waved and said Hi to me with a smile, as usual. So I figured we were still OK and I went over to ask him if he wanted to hang out on his birthday, my treat and to give him the birthday card I had made for him. Well the person he lives with went to get him and came and said he was on the phone. Not that I don't believe her, I do and I am not mad at him or think he hates me etc etc but his birthday is on Monday and I really want to give him at least the card. I made it over a month ago from walmart and its special, I know he will love it. The thing is, I am not sure if I should try going by again... and risk looking annoying, even though he always tells me, I am not annoying and he doesn't mind when I come by... but maybe the person he lives with does, IDK... OR wait til Monday, and HOPE he is around and leave the card on his car. Sure there is a chance I'll see him outside but it doesn't happen as much these days since he is still in recovery from a big surgery he had. I DO NOT want to come off as annoying, that's the last thing I want. Regardless of my feelings for him, this is honestly a kindness for someone I consider a friend and appreciate for the time he takes to spend with my dogs and I. I wanted to do something nice and let him know his birthday is not "just another day" as he told me.

Would you think its annoying/stalkery/desperate to go back tomorrow, Sunday or Monday? Or the car thing or do you have an even better idea? Any advice is welcome, as I said, my friends are helping but the results are split and I am so conflicted.


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  • not creepy or stalkerish at all...

    just go see him.

    • Ok... haah well if I get a restraining order, I blame you ;;P

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    • he should be flattered you want to give him so much attention.

    • thank you.

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  • Well if I was that guy I would want you to.give me the card and wouldn't find you annoying because if you was he would have gave you an hint that you are but he must like you to so go back and try

    • You think he would tell me outright, not to come by anymore? So as long as its just a nice gesture it should be OK. Would you go back tomorrow or wait a day or two

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  • You should go back tomorrow, and if he's not available, you should ask when would be a good time to come by and give him the card.

    Don't worry about looking annoying. If someone thinks you are being annoying, that's their problem and not yours. You hardly even go over there anyways, and all you want to do is give him this card, so I don't think it should be too big a deal.

    • Ok, good, I ALWAYS worry about that. People have stopped being my friend in the past because I apparently was but all I ever am is "too nice".

  • i say go again. its not like you pop over every single day. and I doubt the person he lives with thinks you're annoying.

    • Well she has dementia so not to sound mean but she probably doesn't even remember when I come by. She always looks surprised. OK so everyone here is for go again, so far. Should I just drop off the card and leave it then if he is busy or...?

    • i suppose you could

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