How to play cool and don't let the guy know you care more about him than he cares about you?

we are just friends, fb friends but still I think I got a crush...

i don't want him to know and I want him to really want me, any ideas


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  • Just remember when ever your talking to him or around him... your the prize, he has to win you. If you talk and act like your the prize he will want you, everyone likes to win a prize

    • I see and how could I be the prize? ignore him, pretend I am too busy for him? he is aware that other guys want me also aware that I don't want them

    • Its your state of mind and your attitude, if you get nervous hell pick up on that or if he feels your trying to get him to like you instead of him trying to get you to like him hell pick up on that too

    • in the beginning he was the one trying to talk to me, now I am online and I am the one who makes the contact he only does when I don't...he is the one that added me and started complementing me I just wanted to talk to him and that's what I do, as a friend I do like to talk to him,he said I feel that you feel something but you won't admit, just to let you know you attract me, and I feel a great frirndship between us and I said yeah I like u, you are a good friend

  • You don't want him to know? Between 25 and 29 and still playing those childish little games?

    • yeah he is playing so I wanna play to, if he wasn't playing I wouldn't care, idont know where he stands in this

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