How do you know if you're a good kisser?

I know, this question may sound stupid, but one of my biggest fears is kissing someone and being a bad kisser. I've only kissed 2 guys in my life and that happened on my birthday party with my friend's friends (completely strangers as I've never met them before) and.. I was kind of drunk.

The first guy kissed me and it was kind of long... with tongue included. And then this other guy kissed me but I don't remember about it. And then the first guy kissed me again and things started to be a little bit dirty, but nothing happened. And then I kissed him again when he was leaving. I over think a lot. To be honest, I liked him (he's a player btw) but I can't stop thinking that maybe I was a bad kisser:(


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  • I would think they'd either say something like "mm you're a good kisser" or if you were bad they would just not kiss you again or just go along with it. I'm thinking you must be a decent kisser if a player has made out with you multiple times :)