Top of the line dating tips for a bro, cmon ladies!

I'm 20 she's 19.. but we have been talking about going out on a date for months now. I'm taking her out Sunday...getting cream then probs a movie. she's a total babe, and I don't wanna mess this up. I wanna be on top of my game Sunday night. she's just a small town girl, so I'm not looking to impress her..i just wanna make sure it goes real smooth...hehehe...Can you all land me some top of the tips for my date? I'm quite the gentlemen..but there's always room for improvement ;) whatcha got.


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  • Being a small town girl myself, I know that she'll be dazzled by about anything you take her on, even a car ride through the city lol. So I can see why your not worried by that. But be funny, seem like your genuinely interested in her and what she has to say, listen, and be attentive to her and things should go fantastic. And since you say your a gentleman, you won't have to worry about seeming rude, I suppose. But seeming like your actually wanting to listen to her and learn more about her is huge, and she will probably be delighted that a big city boy is paying that much attention to her lol ;)

  • you gotta be funny, we love it when guys make us laugh (:


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