I'm getting myself into a mess with a girl and I don't know what to do..

Me and this girl have known one another since September 2011 due to college. We never really talked to one another until about 2 months ago. We started hanging out together this week and we can't stop kissing one another and we keep continuously flirting.. We both want to stop it but it's really hard. We like one another a lot but we know it's not right to get together because we've got another 2 years in college together and we don't want it to be awkward.. What should I do? :/


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  • Stop over thinking things. You're obviously enjoying each other for the moment. Why does it have to be anything other than temporary fun?

    Enjoy yourself. Have a fling. Even if you split up at some point, it doesn't have to make things awkward, if you know going in that it's not serious.


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  • Have sex, then make a deal, you only get intimate outside college, this way, a great friendship is formed and respect is always in place, but sex is essential, otherwise you will pine each others company,x

  • If you both are enjoying what you are doing, there is no problem.

    It sounds like you need to talk to each other about any boundaries you may have or want to set up. It could turn out you are both bi, want a FWB if you want to go out with guys. Just one option.

    The point is, as long as you both agree there is nothing wrong other than you being awkward right now.

    • I'm bi and she's gay.. We both know our sexual orientation , we just can't control what's happening between us and I don't know what to do.. Even she's said what the f***'s happening with us right now :/

    • Come on, you are finding out. Date, see what happens. As long as you can talk things over, all is good. It is call exploring a relationship. Sounds good to me :)

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  • Follow your heart, if you have strong feelings take it to the next step. Just be sure it is something you both want to do. Are you Bi or do you consider yourself to be a lesbian. What about her. Personally I am Bi and have been since college. My college years were wonderful full of great memories, some girls I kissed or slept with are still my friends today, others are part of my amazing journey in life. Whichever she is in your life enjoy today and don't think about 2 years from now, so much will happen in the next 24 months that having a Girlfriend today is more important. Enjoy her and love yourself. Good luck!

    • I'm bi , I like someone else much more than her that's what's putting me off her :/

    • Is this other perso a girl or guy. ?

      I feel this is important to understand where your heart is.. For some being Bi is a phase o to heve fun or just to ge off, if this other person is a guy, it might be you enjoy being with a girl but know that deep down you will fall in love with a man.. Either way is fine, I have been in man relationships with both M/F and have great memories of both.. Good luck.

  • Why can't you be with her right now? College is a big place. People you talk to one semester you could lose contact with the next semester. See how things go. Seems like you want to be with her now, so don't let the future ruin that.

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    • Because I want another girl.. I've wanted this other girl for a while :/

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