I realized we have totally different lifestyle. What should I do?

It's the first time I enter his world. We spent the whole night together, he brought me to the clubs he usually goes, I am not a clubbing person, when I see other girls hit on him, or he go socializing with other friends. I realized we have totally different lifestyle. He seems more like a play boy to me, and his phone has lots of young girls contact. I feel scary right now...What should I do...


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  • Playboys get tired of the lifestyle eventually. He might find your personality refreshing. Stay yourself and don't try to act like the other girls.There's a reason he's around you, make sure he remembers it.

    • I don't know. He's the first guy that I know will do lots of crazy things. I am normal, sometimes clumssy. He always sees me as a little baby. I don't know if he fits me. I am already scared of his life. I don't know if I can take it.

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    • I am just afraid I will bore him...I think I bored him already.

    • Then become more interesting.

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