Should I walk away? Or fight for it ..

Okay so my boyfriend and I have been together for 7 months and I love him to pieces. His name is Justin. We organized a house party this weekend and girls and boys were invited and he said none of the girls can make it so it will just be the boys and I said to him okay that's fine I get on with them all anyways so it will still be a laugh and his response was 'no you can sit in my room because me and all the boys will be out the back' and it upset me and I said well can I invite some of the girls over and he said no and he was just shouting at me so I grabbed my phone and keys and ran outside I phoned one of the girls And said can you please come see me and she did so I turned up at the house said to Justin look its only Carlie with me were gonna have a few drinks. So we did, and I will admit I did get drunk. And then half way through the night Justin said to my friend Carlie 'you can have me if you want me' and I thought nothing of it because I was quite happy that he was getting on with one of my close friends. Then everyone had gone home apart from me Carlie Justin and one of Justin's male friends (tommy) so we all watched family guy and Justin was sitting next to Carlie with his feet by hers and they were really close and Justin said to me 'why don't you sleep upstairs And me Carlie and tommy will sleep in my bed and I just laughed and said you are joking right? He said yeah ofc silly but it still got to me so then we all went into bed and I was in the middle of Carlie and Justin and jusins friend tommy went home and Justin said move over Zoe your taking up loads of room and I said oh fine I'll just get out of the Bed so I did and he said if your going to be like this just go home so I said fine I grabbed my stuff and left. So it was just him and carlie left in the house..Then this morning I received a text saying 'I'm sorry for last night princess I love you' so I just forgived him. Then one of Justin's best mate rang me and said what happened last night? I said well my friend Carlie came over and he interrupted me saying omg not Carlie from town? I said yeah why he said if I tell you something it stays between us I said okay. He said well before Justin cheated on his girlfriend with Carlie, and then I realized why they were being so flirty last night. I don't know what I'm feeling right now, I love him but I'm hurt.


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  • i had to force myself, to read past him telling you to sit in his room?

    Why would you ask permission to invite people over. I thought you both organized the party. & why is it OK for him to decide where you go,. or what you do? why did you accept that?

    id dump him right there. wtf is that? and after he yelled at u. why did you stay. I don't understand what kind of set up you guys have, but I don't see respect, anywhere.

    you JUST realized js behavior was inappropriate in the morning because of a rumor?

    why did you need someone else talking about Justins past to realize what an ass he is.

    he kicked my-his gf- out of bed to make room for a girl who is supposedly your friend.

    dump him. not because he may or may not have slept with carlie. because he's beyond disrespectful.

    • Exactly! Yes that's what I was trying to say but couldn't say nicely, you don't tell your girlfriend to go sit in her room in the middle of a party!

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    • or in the middle of a funeral, or anything. you don't order a girlfriend to sit,. period.

      Typo- 'you-his gf- out of bed'.

      im _really_ sorry he's such a sh*t, but he really is.

    • Zoe (your name?)

      listen, I know its difficult when you feel like you really love someone.

      hes not even covering up how litle respect he has for you. you really need to do what's right for yourself here. its going to feel really bad at first. its not going to compare to letting any more of your life be sucked up by his toxic energy.

      remember good times. get out before its murderous.

      End it with YOU in control. You dump him. it will require strength, and you'll be the one in charge for once.

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  • Wow... It physically hurt reading this story and my heart genuinely goes out to you. I'm so f***ing livid right now my face is red. This is absolute scum and I can't believe he would do something like this to you.

    On the opposite side, you need to wake up. This man is an a**hole and you need to break it off. Whatever love you're feeling... its not real and he'll never feel the same way about you. What kind of friend is Carlie? She comes over and sleeps with your boyfriend? Like wtf... Its hard to believe this story is even real.

    • I'd like to have a private conversation with you about Justin if you want to talk. I'm a good listener and I've had friends go down this road before.

  • Screw him. He's a sh*t.

    Cheaters cheat.

    Move on.

  • Ok well I can't tell you what to do because you have to decide on your own, but what I can tell you is that id break itt off before it progresses any farther,

  • You need to get rid of that piece of work. You think you love him but you don't. Nobody can love someone who treats them like that. You feel bad because he treats you like a bag of dirt & your feelings of anger, hurt are getting mistaken for love. I can guarantee if you left this ass in the dust in a wk or 2 you'll feel great for doing it. And even better telling him to beat it when he comes whining back. Get rid of your friend too because she is not a friend. She's probably using you to screw your boyfriend. This guy will wear your esteem down to nothing if you stay with him & from the looks of it he enjoys it.


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