Would you call this girl an attention seeker?

So I met this girl I'm so totally interested in. My sister got a job for both of us for a Spanish TV show. It's mostly pure guys who work there and she is the first girl PA so all the guys are all on her talking to her and she seems to like it that she has all the guys attention.

Every time I turn around to see what she is doing she is talking to a different guy.

A guy that is a comedian ask her to kiss him in the cheek & she did it. She also told me she will kiss me even thou we can't be together.

She still likes her ex.

She likes a reporter from work.

She told a guy that he reminds him of his ex so I'm guessing she is interested in him because she still likes her ex and this guys reminds him of his ex.

She has been telling me it will be weired if we go out together.

And she likes that type of guy I am and she wishes there was more guys like me I'm guessing she is desperate for other guys.

Now the worst thing I found out about her she got breast implants making me thing she is a girl who totally likes to grab a guys attention So what do you think about this girl do you think she is attention seeker?


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  • Yeah but it doesn't make her a bad person. A lot of people like her and she likes to have fun and enjoy life. Nothing wrong with that. And so what if she got breast implants?


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  • I would, indeed.

  • Yup, but just assuming you're right on that she *seems* to like it.

    Otherwise, just sounds like she's a big flirt.