Should I give the love of my life a chance?

4 years ago I feel in love with a guy I saw at a grocery store. We cought each others eye sight when we frist saw each other. He was a cashier there, so every time I would do groceries he was there. Months after I applied there and got the job. When he saw me working there for the first time he imediatly went up to me and asked me all sorts of question and then the flirting started. We became close friends. I know his family and all his close firends are my friends as well. We never got to get in a relationship because he liked to be single and that would disapoint me and I would stop trying. He would protect me from people, get jelous of guys that would hit on me.He has always been there for me.He still flirts but I can't take him serious anymore. I love this guy but I don't know if he does...He left to the army and he told me that we were ment to date and that when he gets back from afganistan he wants to make our relationship official..I don't know it to belive him..many people have told me that all he wanted was to get in my pants..He is a freak, I have to admit..Should I belive him? During the 4 years I've known him he's only kissed me, cuddled,made out with me. We never acctualy screw each other.


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  • I would say leave this alone.

    I used to date a girl whose best friend was a guy. Best friends since high school even!

    He gave her toxic advice about me, would always make her paranoid that I'm a cheater and manipulative and how I'm a horrible, horrible guy. I've never met this guy in my entire life, I don't even know how the hell he would know anything about me aside from what she tells him.

    Obviously after like a month I f***ing had enough of "oh but my friend says-" NO SHIT, he obviously doesn't want us together because as a guy I can sense jealous "guy friends" who didn't have the balls to ask you out from day one so they accept the friend zone in hopes of hooking up with you and ruining any other potential relationships you might have because they fake being the perfect friend.

    I confronted her about it, she told me that he would NEVER do anything like that and I told her good luck with that but I'm not going out with you just to be berated by that spineless piece of sh*t you THINK is your friend, so I broke up with her.

    Two months later I got a call from her balling her eyes out. Turns out after I left that snake of a friend was quick to make his move and "finally told her how he felt" and how he wanted to hook up with her. at first she didn't want it and he started getting all pissy and weird with her (very big red flag of a "friend") so still recovering from the break up and not wanting to lose her "friend" she gave in and they started messing around.

    Two days later he tells her that he's moving to another state because of a job offer he got, he's known about it for about 3 months. A week later he moves and she never hears from him again.

    Great friend she had there.

    Never mix relationships and friendships.


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  • Screwing is what you consider a relationship? There is a word for that...

  • Never give love a chance, it sucks and kills more people then aids


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  • I think that you should believe him, 4 years is a really Long time and if he just wanted sex he would have found a way to get it. I think that he really likes you but there are people who feel more comfortable without labels and that doesn't means that they are just messing around. I see that you have very strong feelings for him and if you don't find anyone as compatible with you as him then you should wait. As your title says, he's probaly the love of your life and you should know that reaching true love and happiness isn't easy. I just want to know if in all this "relationship" he ever dated anyone else.

    Good luck, and donlt give up sweetie (:

    • Thank you for your advice and well he has dated other people and I have to...he's only lasted weeks with them and my longest was 6 months..somehow we keep coming back to each other...

    • You see? Things don't happen just because, and you kept dating and kept realizing you were better with each other. I think you are truly meant to be!

    • It probably is..he asked me if I would wait for him to get back from Afganistan and I said I didn't know. I'm afraid he is just keeping my hopes up

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