I know this is immature of me but...

okay so last summer I really liked this girl. she knew it, kept indirectly denying me but I liked her so much I would still flirt with her. she was together with this kid (not anymore though). I even told her she was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. then I was being a real a**hole to her one night and she blocked me on Facebook.

now I started seeing her out again and I think she likes me. staring at me, giggling at me with her friends and I just overall got a vibe for her. I KNEW there was ALWAYS something there between us.

so after seeing me a few times she unblocked me on Facebook and re-added me, but I ignored it. how should I go about getting her? I don't think I've ever liked a girl as much as her, and I've felt that way for like a year. help


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  • Add her back on Facebook and see what happens. Based on your previous behavior, it's not very likely she would be interested in you, so you shouldn't have any expectations. But talk to her and see what happens.

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