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So I met this guy of the internet (kind dumb, I know) and we've gone on 2 dates. He's charming and funny and I like him, not buckwild yet but the thought that maybe he's not interested does suck. He hasn't replied to any of my messages in the last three or four days and I've seen him online. He said he wanted to stop by this weekend but had work but would try. I just want to find the words to ask him if he's interested or playing me and if I;m wasting my time.


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  • Just sit and thin kabout the right words you want to say to say him. Once you decided on what to sya then just write it down and text it to him. I don't think it's dumb that yo umet him off the internet and went on a date with him. I think it's dumb that he won't respond to your messages that is very rude and disrespectfull. Sometimes peopel loose interest and stuff. And even if he does work he could still try and make time to see you. Either you can give him more time or try to move on and keep your options open. It sounded like things went good on those 2 dates. I think he might be dating other girls.


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