Do you think you can just feel it when the other person has emotions?

when there is a strong emotional connection do you think the two people involved can feel it? because I have been dating a guy and I like him a lot and intellectually I "just know" that he likes me too. I can just feel it when we are together.

and random people on the street will ask if we are boyfriend and girlfriend.

also when a guy likes a girl does he want to have sex with her more badly?

i know that at the beginning he goes up to girls he is attracted to and would sleep with, but if he spends months getting to know her without sex and is still going strong he must like her, and probably increases his desire for sex with her even more if the emotional connection has been built?

do you think you can just "feel it" when you have a real emotional connection with another person?


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  • The way you phrased this is unitelligent and confusing.

    Idk wtf you're trying to ask