Contact after first date?

I apologize if this is a juvenile question! Forgive me, I have little experience in dating and most experience in friendships --> relationships, skipping the "dating" part.

I had a good first date with a guy, he's 25, I'm 23. He texted me the next day: "I had a lot of fun yesterday!"

I reply "So did I, lets do it again soon :-)"

He replies "Yes, obviously :-)"

But it's been about a week and no further contact? I have no idea if this is normal or not normal. Should I write him off as being polite but uninterested, or should I try and call/text to see what's up? I just don't want to come off as clingy, that's all. Thank you!

Whoops, I forgot to add that I replied "Sounds good!" as a last reply. If that makes any difference :-)
All went well :-)


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  • Well, maybe he thinks you're not interested because you haven't texted him either? Text him to ask him to meet up sometimes, how about next weekend? Or during the week for dinner?

    If he says: I'm busy and I'll get back to you. and if he doesn't get back to you, he's not interested (or he forgot). So if he says I'm busy that day but I'm available then and then. He wants to go but leaves it up to you to decide when.

    I'd say: text him to ask to meet up again quite soon. Propose a date for dinner and see how he reacts!

    Good luck :D

    • Doesn't make a difference who sent the last text in a conversation :-)

      now go text him to meet up! :D

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    • Because of the encouragement, I did it and he replied right away! He wasn't sure about my interest apparently, and seemed sincere? Any way, we're going to have a day in the park in a little bit.



    • Ooh, well done! Good luck on your date! ;)

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  • I would text him and say something low key like "Hi, I know we haven't talked this week, but looking forward to another date. Can we catch up this week?"


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  • it seems like he was expecting you to suggest another date because he sounds interested.

    • okay well try texting him once, at this point you aren't talking anyway what have you got to lose?

    • Thank you!