Get her to text me again?

This girl and I texted a lot before and now she won't say a single thing to me. We have had fights where we argue over how I get clingy but then she goes back to basically texting me all the time. The latest one was over how I act like a girl and need to man up. At the end of it I jokingly said 'fight number 80646 solved :)' and she stop texting back. I of course flipped out and over the past Friday night, Saturday, and today sent like 10 texts. I know she is texting another guy a lot now. I have said sorry and the last text I sent was as follows 'I just don't understand you sometimes. Sorry for the annoyance that I always turn into. Hope you have a good week at CIY and have safe travels'. What can I do to recover?

Oh and she is not someone I just met, we have known each other for years. We even dated a few years back.


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  • don't text her until she texts you back. I was in this situation with a guy, except I was in your position. If you continue texting her, she's just going to look at you as a friend-at-her-convenience. Make her do some of the work. If she doesn't text back, she clearly doesn't care as much about you as you care about her, and she's not worth the effort.


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  • Dude your obsessed. That's not healthy for either of you. Leave her alone and move on. Next relationship, chill out a little. Any girl that enjoys being that controlled via text messages has issues. And if you don't leave her alone, your gunna get in to deep trouble. "in love" "infatuated" "obsessed" and "stalking" have a fine line. She can bring her phone to the nearest police precinct and ull get slapped with stalking and harrassment charges along with an order of protection.

  • I had a boyfriend who was like you.. You want her back and I could tell you what you could do, but it would only solve things for a few time because this is the way you are and it's very hard to change and anyways you shouldn't change. Give her a break and find someone who is as "clingy" as you are, I mean most girls complain about their boys not giving enough attention to them but there are another few, like your girl and me, who don't want all that attention or clinginess.

    I know it's hard and I'm sorry, but for the sanity and happiness of both you should walk away.

    • By the way, the little joke you did before she stopped texting was not helpful at all..

    • I figured that much...Knew it was stupid after I did it. Think there is recovery of it or is all lost? This isn't the first time I have said something dumb.

    • I think you could have her back but think if you can be what she wants and needs, even if that means changing your whole self

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