Will he leave me? (GUYS)

So me and my current boyfriend met back in January and we broke up in April and now were back together and he just graduated and I'm a junior so we don't really get to see each other anymore and we can't hang out because my mom doesn't like him since she walked in on us making out on the couch so lately he's been getting really frustrated with the fact that we don't see each other and I was planning on moving out in March because ill be 17 so I can spend time with him and he's going into the navy soon and well I'm kinda worried that we aren't gonna last until March, so guys would you leave your girlfriend if you couldn't spend time with her?

(he says he loves me but he also told me he's tired of us not spending time together)


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  • Ok. let me just clarify this. When he goes in the Navy, you will see him for maybe half a year than the other half he'll be gone. If you didn't last a year, I wouldn't get my hopes up. Nor would I move out for another person to spend more time with them. There isn't a safety net, and I wouldn't jeopardize my own situation for that. I would need to trust them, and I don't trust people that easily due to experiences I've had. I wouldn't leave her if I couldn't spend time with her, but if I were her, I wouldn't waste my time. If you need that time, just know their 'life' now belongs to the military any time they have off will be small. What I would be focused on is "ME". In your situation. I'd focus on finishing school, getting into college, then a degree, and if you get a job that will keep the income coming in, then you can get your own place without any issues, and you can support yourself and do whatever you want. That is how I'd approach it. I don't expect a lot from people,many don't stick around for long. Always looking for the 'bigger better deal' which may be some chick in the navy that he happened to have crossed eyes with or anything like that. Although it wouldn't make sense in the long term, the 'right now' after being sexually deprived would lead a guy to doing it.

    See this question:


    • When you say navy I'm not assuming you mean USMC, because that will be way less than half a year.. that'll be barely any time. if anything. 4 hours of sleep, the rest is given to the USMC. you sh*t eat drink sleep Marine corps no time for gf's maybe one night stands, no money, nothing. If he is sick of not having enough time together, then don't put your faith he'll hang around when in service.

    • Yeah I get what your saying, thanks for your opinion it helped alot

    • Glad I helped.

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