How to get her to stop playing games?

This girl will text me a lot, most days out of the month, and then stop texting me for a week. This makes me freak out and seem clingy. How would I get her to either stop texting me so much or finally decide if she likes me or not.


My friends all tell me she probably likes me a lot but doesn't want to settle down quite yet since she lives in a different state. Could this be why she does this to me?


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  • Hmm.. Is this the first month she has done that or has it happened several times?

    • Several times since shw confessed that she never got over me last year April. Before that we were way close and she would come to me if she ever had issues in her life. By that I mean seeking to just talk

    • Well.. I would think its PMS or that she doesn't wants to seem clingy, but I don't think that has something to do with you, at least not directly. On those days she stops texting, don't harass her and give her some space.. Maybe once a day or every two days text her something sweet, the kind of things makes us smile and sigh; like how you feel about her and what do you like of her (:

    • Hard to do though when you make her mad. Already annoyed her to high heaven. Thanks

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