When her boyfriend's mom makes plans she never says the time!

My friend hates the fact that when her bf's mom makes plans she never says the time and keeps it practically a guessing game. Her bf's parents have a history of breaking plans which she doesn't mind. They also have a history of making plans last minute. She honestly doesn't like this but she goes along with it.

For example, if her boyfriends mom makes a plan to go to the beach she'll say "Lets all go to the beach tomorrow and have a picnic" (okay nothing out of the ordinary there) she won't say the time though she'll just say "We'll stay in contact tomorrow". The next day comes and my friend will ask her boyfriend the time. Supposedly the boyfriend is supposed to know the time, he will say "we'll let you know". It will stay like that a guessing game and what worries her is when will it happen if it will happen.

She likes knowing things beforehand so she can get ready take a shower lay out her clothes etc. but she won't know when to do anything if they don't tell her. They are used to the lifestyle and she respects it but she thinks that considering their son has a girlfriend they should be considerate of her lifestyle as well and that's knowing what's going to happen.

No she hasn't addressed the problem. She hasn't told her boyfriend anything. This is just something that bothers her and is wondering if anyone else would appreciate this?


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  • If they don't give me a time then I would do my own thing until they finally decide to go. If I happen to be available when they go, I will come along.


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