What happened to HIM? Everything seemed to be going so well... PLEASE ANSWER

There's one guy in my class. He liked me more than a year, we flirted and all my friends were saying that he DID like me, but he's the type of boy who is used to getting a lot of attention from girls and he never had to put much effort to make a girl like him, but in my case it was different at first I didn't show I liked him and he did have try more than he ever had to, but our friend in common decided to ruin everything and told him I liked him (laughing about this fact). This girl likes him very much as well and after that he never flirted with me and also started being close with that girl. Can anybody tell me what the hell happened to him? I'm confused.


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  • There's not enough to go on here. More info needed. Too many possibilities. In the end, he may have liked her more or he could have been intimidated by you being hard to get and when he discovered you liked him, he ran.

    Many times there is an approach-avoidance factor in relationships -- a guy approaches and when he thinks the girl likes him he's not sure how to behave so he avoids her, only to discover later that he likes her more than he thought and approaches again later and runs away again. this could be happening now though I am speculating.

    If you have another friend who knows him prett well, it might be best to ask that friend what they think happened.

    • I'll give you some more details about what happened.So when this girls told him I liked him all the rest of the class was there and they started making fun of us or something,that's what they usually do.I even thought that this was one of the reasons why he stayed away from me, he did not want anybody to talk or joke about this.I actually was not playing hard to get,I was flirting with him showing interest,in fact he was guessing I liked him but I never texted him first,what all his girls did.

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    • What should I do, can you give me some advice? I'm quite worried because I truly like him :)

    • Three approaches: 1) Find mutual friend who can help you figure out what this guy is thinking about you. 2) Find mutual friend who you trust to tell this guy you are interested in him and would like to have a casual date. 3) You approach the guy and tell him you would like to have some time alone with him just to talk and you're happy to buy the ice cream or coffee.

  • I'm sorry, but nobody can tell you for sure. It just sounds like he simply liked that girl and started talking with her.

    • Thanks for your answer :) But the thing is that this girl tried to get his attention like dozen times, but he just didn't care, she was the one to be active, to text him first on his cell phone or Facebook but he just never showed any interest in her, but after that fact something changed... Thank you once more though )))

    • Guys can be confused themselves about what they like at younger ages lol

      You're welcome :)

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