How do you tell if your friend?

If you have a super good friend you are currently intimate with, but you still hang out how do you know if he just wants friends with benefits or something more. Also the two of us average 60+ hours a week so we don't have much time together ever.


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  • If he's not pushing for more than FWB, then that's almost certainly all he wants.

    The way it works is: if you want a relationship, you have to get that BEFORE you have sex. If you wait until after, 98% of the time, that commitment will never come. Girls give up sex without a relationship because 1), they want sex too, which is totally understandable, and 2), because they are afraid to lose the guy if they don't. But by letting him have sex with you before you are in a committed relationship, most guys are going to look at you as "not girlfriend material" and never want that relationship.

    And, yes, if you make the guy commit FIRST, some guys will refuse and dump you, and I know you don't want that. But that's a better solution for YOU than if you have sex with him and become his FWB when what YOU want is a relationship, because by doing this, you almost assure yourself of NEVER getting that relationship.

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  • If you have to ask, you already know the answer. Sorry to say.

    • Not so sure I agree with that. We went from talking like once every couple months to a majority of the time everyday. Plus he is very interested in how I am doing, what I am up to, and such. It just used to be a long time no see how goes it. Plus we never talked for long periods of time and we never talk for less than 15 min and more often than not an hour when we do.

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    • So, he doesn't call you his girlfriend. Very interesting. Ask, girl. Just ask.

    • Well no this all just started and its very awkward and nothing both of us forsaw. And we both hate labels. Hell I just call him that idiot I know.