My girlfriend and my main means of communication is texting. For some reason though she likes to text me?

Go off and do something, without letting me know she's gonna be busy or can't reply. Then when she finally does respond, anything I said before she got too busy she doesn't even acknowledge. I've brought it up twice to her how much it annoys me and she keeps doing it. she's 43 and tells me that her family aren't big talkers and this is why she's that way. What should I do? Obviously my talking to her doesn't work


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  • She could be doing a lot of things when she's not texting back...I respond my text ASAP to my boyfriend . Think about it, you don't see a new text and read it and decide to reply it late.u reply straight away. Soif she reads it and put down her phone. Not be bother texting back, you know what it means. By the way download 'what's app' messager ,and ask her to get one. This app allows you to see wether she has seen te message yet.


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