What do you do when you feel like you want more in a relationship but you're not sure you'll get it?

I am rekindling my relationship of my ex of 2 years, whom I've met two years later. I know, not the most ideal situation. The thing is we feel comfortable with each other, like we saw each other yesterday and not so long ago. We still have feelings as we thought of each other during the break up and like we were somewhat connected. And when we're together, we can't seem to keep our hands off each other, still reacting like we're boyfriend and girlfriend. I've seen him twice in two weeks. He has a busy schedule, but seems to be doing stuff after work. Its like he's only choosing to see me on a weekend. I'm not sure why. We'll say we'll take it slow, yet both times we were extremely physical. He's also sweet. Likes me for my personality and all that. It's clear there's feelings and it's not a casual thing. He said he didn't like my friends so if we got together, it'd be a problem to hang out with them. Isn't he taking that too far? We won't even hang at each others' houses now because its awkward. Ex coming over after so long. I would take that step. I don't want to have all this build up behind it. Parents and whoever could get over it. I don't know what's on his mind. We're not spending enough time on it. When we're with each other it's like we're repeating the good times. But, where is it going? And why can't it happen more often? Why can't he give my friends another try? Why can't we be at each others' houses? When will he feel like taking that step with me? We're scared drama of the past will repeat itself. And have good reason to be cautious. But I want to try more. I want to be there more. Do I try taking this step on my own? Like I'm so weirded out. He's not the same guy, yet he is. I don't know where we stand. Should I call him, text him. I'm confused. I know we've got the physical part of the relationship going and we're comfortable and fun with each other, make each other happy. But, it seems on hold, not permanent. Like that weekday is a dream and the rest is me awake. And I look forward to that dream. I know us connecting is real. I just don't know what we are or what's keeping us. Or why he's fine with just being what we are now.


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  • I spent a lot of time pursuing a girl that I wanted a relationship. She kept leading me on, avoiding me; I kept taking blame for stuff, it was just a bad situation. Eventually, I just had to cut her off. She'd treated me badly for long enough. I got tired of putting up with everything.


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